Ziggy Aloha Mackenzie


Started surfing at age 10 at Bingin Beach. She has been around surfing her whole life but only really started. Taking it seriously at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. Having been a talented gymnast and athlete. It was only natural that she would pick up surfing and fall in love with it quickly.

Ziggy won the U16 girls Bukit series. She also won the Tipi Jabrik U16 Grom patrol. And placed second at the QS womans at halfway

And 2nd in the junior girls QS at halfway.

Full Name: Ziggy Aloha Mackenzie
A.K.A: Ziggy
Dob: October 6th 2008
Resides: Uluwatu, Bali
Height: 5’0 ft
Stance: Regular footer
Favourite wave: Nyang Nyang, Padang Padang, Bingin
Inspirations: Steph Gilmore, Brisa hennessy, Bettylou sakura johnson.