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Voucher Online_1200x250px.jpg__PID:4288a597-0753-4af1-9f09-7d0c7c9cba09
Voucher Online_1200x250px.jpg__PID:4288a597-0753-4af1-9f09-7d0c7c9cba09

One step more and you WIN!

Simply enter to register, and get your Voucher Code via email.

What will you get?

  • Rp50,000 OFF Discount shopping voucher without minimum purchase
  • Expired for one Month since you earn the Code via EMAIL.
  • Valid only for limited special selected collection
  • Voucher can't be combined with the current running offers at onlinestore
  • Valid for one time shopping at our onlinestore and can't be redeemed at offline store

Program period:

This program only available at Rip Curl School of Surf. Keep an eye on our information through any marketing channels; website, social media, email or advertising. Make sure you not missed any programs we made special for you.


You can only enter one time per program. Be a winner, shop online and don't miss our next program!