Ryuki Waida

Bali, Indonesia

Born in Japan and raised in Bali, Indonesia, Ryuki’s bright future is a prime example of what happens when incredible natural talent is combined with relentless dedication. From sunup to sundown, Ryuki spent nearly every day of his childhood honing his skills at waves all over Bali with unusual focus and fanaticism for such a young surfer. He’s now poised to become one of Indonesia’s top barrel performers and most dangerous competitors as global surfing competition resumes in 2021.

Full Name: Ryuki Waida
A.K.A: Ryuki
Dob: October 18th 2002
Born: Japan
Resides: Kuta - Bali, Indonesia
Height: 166 cm
Training Ground: Jimbaran Club
Favorite Wave: Uluwatu
Inspirations: John John Florence