Rosy Hodge

San Clemente, California

After four years competing on the World Tour, Rosy transitioned from being in the ocean to behind the camera, taking on a full-time role as commentator for the WSL. In her spare time off Tour you can find Rosy either at home in San Clemente, California, or on The Search with the Rip Curl women.

But Mick Fanning is much more than these figures and statistics. Mick Fanning has seen and achieved more in his life and career than most dare to dream. He has done this in the face of personal tragedy, great adversity, and under harsh scrutiny of the public eye. He has done it with humility and a deep respect for surfing, and those who he chooses to surround himself with.

Rosy's Picks

WSL commentator extraordinaire Rosy Hodge knows what it's like to live life on the road. From the Gold Coast to Bells, Bali to Jeffrey's Bay, Europe to Hawaii, she knows how to pack a suitcase! Check out a few of her closet essentials, right here...