Philip Duke

Bali, Indonesia

Born in Denpasar-Bali. First Surfing since the age of 5 years Kuta-Bali beach with Ketut Agus and always get Surfing techniques from him. Philip often participates in Surfing competitions in Bali & Java, and also won the competition. Have won first place in the competition at Halfway & Parerenan in Bali.

He hopes to win some Junior Pro competitions, and wants to become a Professional Surfer like Mick Fanning. Always wanted to learn Surfing techniques in order to enter competitions at WSL

Activities besides Surfing are often playing Skateboarding if the waves are not good.

Full Name: Philip Duke
A.K.A: Philip
Dob: July 2nd 2009
Resides: Denpasar - Bali
Height: 133cm
Training Ground: Kuta Beach - Bali
Favorite Wave: Tiger Track - G Land, Medewi - West Bali, Bingin - Bali
Inspirations: Mick Fanning, Connor Coffin, & Ketut Agus