Mason Ho

Sunset Beach, Oahu

Often referred to as the biggest personality in surfing, Mason Ho is a one-of-a-kind human. Son to legendary Michael Ho, nephew to World Champion Derek Ho, brother to World Tour athlete Coco Ho… Mase comes from a long line of Hawaiian surfing legends, and he’s done his best to follow in their footsteps.

Mason’s surfing captures the imagination of just about anyone watching – from perfect, pumping Pipeline to slabbing micro-barrels that break directly on to rock piles, he’s not afraid of getting close to the reef or dropping in late. That’s what Mason is all about – taking risks, chasing the unexpected and having one helluva good time in the process.

Mason's Picks

One of the biggest personalities in surfing, Mason Ho has a style unlike any other. Whether he's dodging rocks in a punchy Hawaiian beach break, commanding the lineup at Pipeline or on The Search with Mick Fanning, he's all about gear that is casual, comfortable and fun. Check out a few of his favourite items, right here...