Garut Widiarta

Kuta - Bali, Indonesia

An Indonesian surfing legend, Garut started surfing at the age of eight on Kuta Beach.

First starting on a longboard, he quickly moved to a shortboard and never looked back. By the age of 13 he had signed on with multiple sponsors, including Rip Curl, and was winning contests around Indonesia.

Since then Garut has travelled the world searching for perfect waves with the Rip Curl team, and will continue to do so into the future.

A.K.A: Garut
Dob: March 9th 1988
Born: Kuta- Bali, Indonesia
Resides: Kuta - Bali, Indonesia
Height: 166 cm
Training Ground: Kuta Beach - Bali
Favorite Wave: Padang Padang, Lakey Peak - Mentawai
Inspirations: Kalani Rob, Mick Fanning