Dedi Gun

Lakey Peak - Sumbawa, Indonesia

Indonesian surfing legend Dedi Gun first picked up a surfboard at eight years old, a piece of wood about one metre in size. Despite the quality of his craft, he fell in love immediately. Not long after he started working at a restaurant on the beach in front of Lakey Peak, in exchange for free rent, a surfboard and meals.

From there his skills took off, and he quickly became recognised as one of the best surfers in Indonesia.

At 15 years old he joined the Rip Curl team and started competing and was taken under the wing of surfing coach Dustin Humphrey. Now off the competitive circuit, Dedi spends his time surfing at home or on The Search finding new waves. “Surfing has brought me to a lot of different places,” says Dedi. “I’m not a complete person without it. I enjoy the nature of the waves, and seeing new surf spots that have never been seen more. I’m so grateful for surfing.

Full Name: Dedi Satriyadin
A.K.A: Dedi Gun
Dob: July 4th 1988
Resides: Sumbawa & Nusa Dua, Bali - Indonesia
Height: 168cm
Training Ground: Lakey Peak-Sumbawa
Favorite Wave: Lakey Peak, Padang Padang, Nias, Mawi Lombok, and Sunset
Inspirations: Mick funning, Kelly Slater, Jon John F, Dave Rasta