Dylan Dean Wilcoxen

Bali, Indonesia

Dylan has been on a surfboard since his dad was standing him up on a longboard when he was still in diapers. He lives at Kandui Resort in arguably the best surfing region in the world, with lower than average crowds and lots of barrels. It will be interesting to see what this unique environment makes out of Dylan. Less urgency to find a good wave to surf and more time to just let style develop naturally may produce quite a surfer.

Dylan would like to become a professional surfer so he can travel the world, surf new waves, and make new friends. Living in the remote Mentawai Islands makes it difficult to find contests to surf in, but Dylan has done well in the contests he's surfed in, placing 3rd or better and in higher age divisions. He entered his first real contest at the age of 9. The event was for 16 years olds and under with no lower aged divisions, and he won the event along with the 1st place prize money. Does that make him a pro at 9 years old? Ha.

Full Name: Dylan Dean Wilcoxen
A.K.A: All Day Dylan
Dob: May 1, 2009
Born: Padang
Resides: Mentawai
Height: 145 cm
Training Ground: Playgrounds, Mentawai
Favorite Wave: Pistols, 4 Bobs
Inspirations: John2, Mason Ho