Rip Curl Cup - Throwing It Back To Last Year..

Rip Curl Cup - Throwing it back to last year..

No one was expecting Hawaiian style icon Clay Marzo to do this in his first round Heat at The Rip Curl Cup in 2019. This image of Clay doing a front side "Clay Back" went viral around the world.. Marzo went on to get pipped at the post to by Benji Brand taking home Runner Up position in one of the Padang Cup's most freakish finals its in 16 year history!


The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang cannot run this year

So we have put together a selection iconic Padang Cup moments that will take you right back to the Island of the Gods reminding you what a mythical beast Padang Padang is and how much fun we have showcasing the best tube riding on the planet each July!