Rip Curl Cup - The Cup

Rip Curl Cup - The Cup

The trophy was designed by local Balinese artists at MOD Jewelry, makers of past Association of Surfing Professionals championship rings and awards. It was entirely hand-carved from teak wood and inlayed with silver.

Each year the Cup is filled with Bintang and the winner must wash it all down on the victory podium.

In the tradition of all great sporting prizes, the winner’s name is permanently inscribed on the trophy.

Until the next #RipCurlCup... #ItsOnWhenItsOn

The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang cannot run this year

So we have put together a selection iconic Padang Cup moments that will take you right back to the Island of the Gods reminding you what a mythical beast Padang Padang is and how much fun we have showcasing the best tube riding on the planet each July!