Jun 06, 2023

Surfing Is For Fun… So Let’s Not Take It Too Seriously.

Do you sometimes take surfing a bit too seriously? It could be that you're annoyed because the waves are onshore when you have a window of time to surf. Maybe you feel super frustrated because you keep falling off your board when you’re trying something new. Or maybe your ‘secret spot’ has suddenly become everyone’s favourite ….grrrrr! But next time when you’re getting changed in the carpark feeling grumpy, remember why you love surfing in the first place.

Feeling frustrated with your surfing prowess? Own that whitewash or even surf on your belly! There’s no need to push yourself to progress every time you surf, just enjoy the motion of the ocean, in whatever way works for you. Or take Mason’s advice, change it up and grab another board. ‘To keep surfing fun, I try to ride as many different boards as I can, because I feel it keeps it really interesting. I also got a surf mat a year ago and I always have so much fun on that.’

Paddling into a grumpy line-up? Be an agent of change and as soon as you join the other surfers, smile and say hello. You might have to fake it til you make it, but eventually the good times will kick in. Hannah believes no matter what, ‘it's really important to always leave your session feeling happy, healthy, and completely rejuvenated.’ You might have to do the work until you push through to feeling the positive vibes, but it will be worth it.

Onshore and no other window to surf? Maybe ditch the board and go for a body surf, or just jump in the ocean with your board and see what happens. You never know, it’s crazy how quickly the wind can change and you may find the waves all to yourself at your favourite break. If Brisa is feeling a bit cranky before a surf, she’ll take a moment to remember what it was like when she first started surfing, ‘When I think about my first wave and the rush I felt, that always brings me back to the true meaning of why I surf’. Staying in the ocean long enough to turn your mood around is also a great tip - and we all know it won’t take long before you remember why you love it.