Miguel Blanco Drops New Series ‘In Luck’

Finding untouched waves in distant lands comes easily and naturally to Miguel Blanco who constantly believes he’s “in luck”.

The Portuguese Prince is always on the Search. “The minute I leave home I’m always scanning the coast, searching for waves. That vision of lines across the ocean that you carry for so long. As a surfer, how can you not feel good about seeing that?”

In the first episode of ‘In Luck’, the search on the island next door offers up long watery walls and plenty of barrels without a soul in sight. “This is why I embark on these types of trips” says Miguel. “Sometimes you’ve just gotta roll the dice and have a look for yourself”.

Where to next – the desert coastlines of Africa or the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle? Who knows? One thing is for sure, you’re going to want to keep an eye out for more of Miguel Blanco’s ‘In Luck’.