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Mar 05, 2019

Introducing Xavier Huxtable: Meet the Future of Victorian Surfing

Born and raised in Jan Juc, Victoria, 16-year-old Xavier Huxtable has a big personality and an even bigger future. Get to know him, inside.

If you saw Xavier Huxtable walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t think he was one of the most talented young surfers in Victoria. If you saw him on the footy field, you definitely wouldn’t think he’d be competing on the Pro Juniors and vying for a spot on the QS.

He’s a 16-year-old red-headed Aussie grommet – and even if he might not look the cliché part – when you see him in the ocean, it becomes very clear that he’s got a big and bright future in surfing.

Unlike a lot of kids in surfing these days, Xav doesn’t have a one-track-mind. Growing up in the semi-rural area of Jan Juc on Victoria’s Surf Coast, he was thrown in to all things an Aussie grommet should be throw in to – footy clubs, surf clubs, after school sports clubs, snowboarding groups – the list goes on. Footy was one that stuck, and for a long time Xav saw a future on the field.

That diversity in sport, in interests and hobbies – that’s healthy. It broadens horizons and skills, and in a young athlete, provides some much-needed life experience. It shows through in Xav’s personality – he’s driven, he’s competitive and he’s fierce when he needs to be, but surfing is not the most important thing in the world. That diversity, and perspective, often goes missing from young athletic talents.

But despite the hours in the car driving up to Mt Buller and the hours on the footy field, Xav found time – and a lot of it, from quite a young age – to spend in the water. Almost instantly those around him, including his dad Chris, realised that Xav had a clear talent. Since then Chris has supported him in surfing – driving him to competitions around the nation, and helping him roam the Surf Coast looking for the best waves of the day.

Even at 16 Xav has a powerful, sharp style – clearly defined and brought out by the waves he’s had on offer as a kid. From 13th Beach to the Bells Bowl, Xav has spent his formative years learning the ropes in powerful surf amongst icy waters and strong, cold winds – conditions that have bred a commitment to surfing that’s rare.

In the above compilation, let Xav take you on a journey from his home break of Jan Juc to perfect waves in Indonesia, New Zealand and beyond. Get to know the next big thing in Victorian surfing, Xavier Huxtable. #HellTeam