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Dec 18, 2018

Charlie Medina Opens Up: The Full Interview

Gabriel Medina's stepfather, Charlie Medina, sits down and talks openly about World Titles, media, fame and his life on the road with Gabriel

Charlie Medina is a well known name and face, but a little known character. You might catch glimpses of him on the webcast, arms crossed, face uncompromising. Or maybe you’ve seen him in the background of Gabe’s social media, unobtrusive and silent. The fact of the matter is, very few people get the opportunity to see the real Charlie Medina

And as Gabriel approaches the event of his life – the battle for his second World Title – Charlie decided it was time to let people see another side of him. The real side.

This is the Charlie Medina that smiles, and laughs, and is really honest about his life and his career. Here, he lets us in to the inner sanctum of the Medina family, giving us an insight into himself, Gabriel and their collaborative goal of the World Title.

Dive in.