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Sep 29, 2021

Bruno Santos Goes Barrel Hunting In The Mentawai

Bruno Santos is one of the world’s best tube riders. A former winner of the Teahupo’o Pro, Bruno spends much of his life chasing swells around the world and searching for tunnel vision. Tunnel vision that most of us will only dream of….

So when he started posting short, unedited clips of a heaving swell, clearly from some far-flung tropical location, there was no surprise. It’s just Bruno, out there Searching, doing what he does best.

Today, we get to view the fruits of his labour in the form of three minutes of perfect left-hand perfection. It’s vision like this that reminds us why Bruno is one of the most respected tube riders in the world – and probably, one of the most barrelled surfers alive.

Join Bruno as he weaves his way through some of the best left-handers in the Mentawais.