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Aug 16, 2018

Your 6 Spring Surfing Essentials Have Just Dropped

The water is about to get warmer, the days a little bit longer, the flowers are primed to bloom and the birds are loosening up their vocal cords. Winter is coming to a close, and spring is about to be… sprung.

It’s time to shed the layers, lose the rubber and freshen up the closet for another trip around the sun. This year we’ve done the hard work for you – so rather than making a trip to the mall, or scrolling endlessly around this thing we call the internet, we’ve made a quick hit list of the must-have Spring arrivals. Just for you, right here.

1. Now, it’s time to accessorise… nothing says a closet update quite like a bright new timepiece. Did we mention they’re water resistant?

2. And new surf backpack for those weekend wave missions down the coast

3. Your first swimsuit (or pair of boardies) for the season

4. Your party shirt (or dress)… because everyone knows spring is the start of BBQ season!

5. A spring suit, of course! Ditch the 3/2 (or the 4/3) and feel the sunshine on your skin.

6. Last but not least, you always need a new beach towel as we head into the warmer months. Freshen up your post-surf wrap.