The Bikini Made from Abandoned Fishing Nets

Introducing our first environmentally conscious women’s swim collection… Salt Water Culture.

We aren’t perfect. No one is. But with a lack of perfection comes room for growth, and so, we have embarked on a journey to a more sustainable future. Our first Women’s Salt Water Culture collection is the first iteration of that; like us it’s far from perfect. But it’s a start.

Salt Water Culture heroes a small range of sustainable swimwear made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon. Crafted from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon rescues waste from landfills and oceans around the world, simultaneously creating a quality, durable product.

“There is so much post-consumer waste in our environments,” says Natalie Bortolotto, Rip Curl’s Senior Swimwear Designer. “Knowing that discarded fishing nets that usually entangle and endanger marine life are being removed from the ocean and regenerated into new products is a great step in being more environmentally conscious.

“As a company and a brand, Rip Curl is so connected to the ocean. We wanted to show our customers that it should be essential for larger companies to be leaders and do their bit. More and more innovations in the environmental space are emerging right now, and it’s really exciting to have options to build on and expand within the range.”

Premium basics round out the collection with organic hemp and organic cottons, used to create eco-friendly, easy wear styles.

Designed to offer our customer an environmentally responsible range of quality surf products, Salt Water Culture is made for a salt-washed and sun-drenched life. These pieces are made to be lived in.

We aren’t perfect, and neither is this collection. But it’s the start.