Style and Innovation: The New RFID Wallet

Style and Innovation: The New RFID Wallet.

Credit card technology is a beautiful thing. To be able to pay for a product up to $100, simply by tapping a little piece of plastic on a machine, is truly incredible. It’s innovative, it’s useful, and although it might make spending money way too easy, it’s made our lives a whole lot less complicated. (Remember when we used to write cheques!?)

But new technologies don’t come without flaws, and way back in 2014, wireless identity theft (otherwise known as RFID identity theft) became one of the top threats to your bank account and personal information.

It meant that if a person purchased a relatively low-cost radio scanner, they could potentially hack your credit card, your identity and everything else attached to those electronically stored numbers and words.

Since then, not much has changed. Perhaps the microchips now send out a stronger signal. But rather than just accept this threat as a part of life, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

Let us introduce RFID PROTECH, a carefully designed and manufactured technology that actually blocks any potential radio scanning. After years or prototypes and testing, we’ve integrated this technology into our highest quality leather wallets.