Search GPS2 Strike Mission With Conner Coffin

What do you need for a strike mission to Lowers, California? For Championship Tour surfer, Conner Coffin, just the Search GPS 2 Surf Watch and E-Bomb E7 wetty is all. The session stats? Disclosed here...

Earlier this year, during a sleepy Rincon Winter season, Conner Coffin got the call-up to make the voyage to California’s other famed cobblestone shore, Lower Trestles. The forecast was nothing special, but the plan to add a little extra spark to the session was in play. As expected, Conner put on a rail-grinding clinic with a series of power-house manoeuvres on every bump of water that came his way. The numbers on his ultimate surf watch were turning…

The goal? We’ve seen some of the Search GPS 2 data generated by you, the crew around the globe - so it seemed only fair to check out the stats generated by one of surfing’s most elite, Conner Coffin.

Three hours later… Conner said it best, “it’s interesting to come in from a session and be like, ‘Whoa, I just surfed for a couple hours and paddled over five miles!’ I think the speed is pretty wild, too — especially comparing a session here [Lowers] to one in Hawaii, like Sunset, all of a sudden you’re going way faster.”

The results? See for yourself.

Total Waves: 25

Top Speed: 25.7km/hr

Longest Wave: 175mDistance

Paddled: 8.3km

Total Surf Time: 3:11 Hrs

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