Oct 29, 2022

Day-1 Highlights of The Rip Curl GromSearch 2022

Presented By Samudera Indonesia

First day of the Rip Curl GromSearch 2022 went ahead today with the most talented young surfers from all over Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, France, USA, England, and beyond. Competing in an exciting, safe and friendly environment, with high voltage action from all 112 competitors of boys’ divisions including Under 16’s, Under 14’s and Under 10’s.

The legendary beach break, Halfway Kuta Beach greeted the Groms with super nice 3 to 4 foot long waves, perfect sized conditions to show-off their skills during the day. Starting with the boys under 16 division, the touristic Kuta beach were perfect and sunny all day, giving our Groms the chance to showcase their talents and offered good and fair competition. The contest continued with the under 14 divisions, followed by under 10 meanwhile all girls’ divisions will compete the next day.

Nick Chong, this year’s Contest Director, made the call for Day-1 of the GromSearch 2022. “Conditions today were perfect with contestable Lefts and Rights at Halfway offering up ample opportunities for all Surfers on Day 1. Forecast for Finals Day Tomorrow (Sunday) we’ll see swell drops but wind will be more favorable and our new Rip Curl GromSearch Champions will be Crowned”

Round 1 of Under 16 division started off with Westen Hirst’s arial scoring 6,67 out of his 12,34 total heat. Securing his Quarterfinal spot along with I Gede Surya (10,20), Teddy Bille (9,33), Kahea Desantis (10,43), and Philip Duke (10,33). All U-16 competitors will continue their QF heats the next day.

The U-14 division saw Dylan Wilcoxen flied out the gate with an 8,00 and a 4,83 giving the talented free surfer a heat total of 12.83. Made Nesa on the other side of the draw surfed very strong with a total heat of 10,50. Both are respectively moving forward to the Finals Day tomorrow.

Standouts in the U-10 division with very impressive power surfing was Gede Darma Wisesa with the highest wave total of the day 17,33 (9,50/7,83). Also reaching an excellent single wave score in the U-10 Boys was Jasper Glossop locking in a 9,00/4,83 for total heat of 13.83.

“I’m so happy to get the 9,50 score. The waves were pretty great. Thanks to my father who’s been spotting me the waves!” said Darma Wisesa in the end of his heat.

The competition was not the only highlights of the day as Rip Curl also organized morning beach clean up, fun and interactive beach games for the kids with a lot of prizes, and last but not least, an environmental and recycling program education for the Groms conducted by the crew.

Rip Curl is looking for young and fresh talents to build the next generation of upcoming surfers. So... Let the Grommets rock!

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Heat 1

I Wayan Agus Jho Ananda Sastrawan Red9.26 
I Gd Hnang Ridwan Darma Wisesa White13.50 
Rafael Hiroshi SetiadiYellow3.67
Jasper GlossopBlue9.77 


Heat 1

Rico Bastian Winggin Red7.40 
I Wayan Agus Jho Ananda Sastrawan White12.80 
Rafael Hiroshi Setiadi Yellow7.73 

Heat 2

Jasper Glossop Red11.00 
Jamie Vaglio White9.36 
I Gd Hnang Ridwan Darma Wisesa Yellow13.03 


Heat 1

I Wayan Agus Jho Ananda Sastrawan Red8.83 
Alexander Smirnov White5.56 
Rico Bastian Winggin Yellow9.27 

Heat 2

I Gd Hnang Ridwan Darma Wisesa Red9.00 
Jamie Vaglio White11.00
I Kadek Dafa Winata Yasa Yellow5.10 
Alessandro Dotti Blue5.03 

Heat 3

Rafael Hiroshi Setiadi Red5.90 
Jasper Glossop White7.27 
I Wayan Navarang Apta Nata Yellow5.50 

Round 2

Heat 1

I Wayan Miyura Yano Jaya Red7.03
Noah Cruz Attard White7.67
I Wayan Agus Jho Ananda SastrawanYellow8.93 
Alexander SmirnovBlue8.47 

Heat 2

Jasper Glossop Red12.27 
Alessandro Dotti White8.56 
I Made Dana Alan DwipariyanaYellow5.17 
I Putu Bintang WalagriBlue4.74 

Heat 3

Sang Bagus Made Subawa Girinatha Vijaya Red6.56 
Diki Anwar White5.30
I Wayan Navarang Apta NataYellow10.24 
I Gd Hnang Ridwan Darma WisesaBlue11.70

Heat 4

Jamie Vaglio Red12.10 
I Kadek Dafa Winata Yasa White8.04
Jayden WilcoxenYellow6.36 
Lenno Kusuma FortinBlue5.90 

Heat 5

Jerry Lu Red5.40 
Rico Bastian Winggin White6.00 
Kyan Johnston Yellow5.86 
Rafael Hiroshi SetiadiBlue8.83 

Round 1

Heat 1

Wayan Agus Jho AnantaRed6.26
I Wayan Miyura Yano JayaWhite8.20 
Ciaran Sena WeeYellow3.43 
Dewa KenziBlue1.23 

Heat 2

Kai Gutierrez Red5.46 
Alexander SmirnovWhite6.74 
Ryder GriffinYellow5.16 
Noah Cruz AttardBlue8.50 

Heat 3

Lenno Kusuma Fortin Red7.76 
Farel Zlatanera WauWhite5.83 
I Kadek Dafa Winata Yasa Yellow9.83 
Makai CaloniusBlue3.26 

Heat 4

Radhika KristiantoRed0.93 
Tiandra Prameswara KristiantoWhite4.63 
I Putu Bintang Walagri Yellow7.00
Alessandro DottiBlue8.50 

Heat 5

Koa MatsuharaRed4.33 
Sang Bagus Made Subawa Girinatha VijayaWhite11.33 
I Wayan Navarang Apta NataYellow10.03 
I Putu Riski Wardana Dinata Putra Blue6.03 

Heat 6

Jamie VaglioRed11.17 
Krisna AdiputraWhite7.16 
Dika AnwarYellow4.40 
Jayden WilcoxenBlue8.43 

Heat 7

Wayan Revan JayaRed2.60 
I Made Dana Alan DwiapriyanaWhite5.83 
Jasper GlossopYellow6.93 
Lewis ColeBlue5.00 

Heat 8

Diki anwarRed10.13 
I Gd Hnang Ridwan Darma Wisesa White9.17 
Ken UemuraYellow6.03 
Shia JabrikBlue2.27 

Heat 9

Sang Bagus Nyoman Dhanan Jaya Putra MegaRed3.50 
Rafael Hirohi SetiadiWhite6.30 
Rico Bastian WigginYellow6.67 
Lio MaeyamaBlue1.60 

Heat 10

Kyan JohstonRed6.27 
I Kadek Rama NandaWhite5.64 
Zio JeksenYellow5.20 
Jerry Lu Blue8.93