The Search: 50 Shades Of Blue

Wandering into the various shades of real-world blue.

Get ready to go. Then: make a pact with yourself and simply decide to have a good time. Say: “I will always go with the flow…” “I will stay polite and in good spirits…” “I’m lucky…” That way you will never be disappointed. With this in mind Gabriel Medina, Matt Wilkinson, Mason Ho and Bruno Santos pull-the-plug in the search for a simpler stoke.

These well-adjusted humans, still up for The Search and keen to get away from it all. Even Medina with his 8.4 million followers and clearly recognised as “The-man-most-likely-to- post” was keen to escape when he heard about the rarely surfed lefthander that might, if found, add to the depth and quality of the simple life lines written on the palm of his hand.

“There are a lot of colours of blues here,” he said on arrival deep in the South Pacific, mesmerised by the ocean. “Dark blue and light blue. Hey, what kind of blue is that, that’s beautiful I think,” engrossed.

“There are seven kinds of blue that I can see. And look at that shade! That’s the kind of blue I was looking for right there! Hey how’s that blue? Come here and look at that shit! There are 50 shades of blue in my eye!”

I mean you just can’t get that weird looking at life through a screen, right?

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