We’ve Got Your Couch Time Sorted: Fiji Perspective, In The Band, Free Scrubber & Postcards From Morgs.

Here we go again, Victoria.... We’ve been through it all before. We may be stuck in isolation but that doesn’t mean we lose our stoke for The Search!

Whilst you’re adjusting to the lockdown over the next few days, we suggest catching up on our most recent films.


Transport yourself to paradise in Brisa Hennessy’s ‘Fiji Perspective’. In March of 2020, when the world began to sink into lockdown, Brisa Hennessy and her family made a bold move. Nomadic by nature they jumped on a plane to a remote island in Fiji, Namotu, where the family live and manage a resort for parts of the year.

Brisa, her mom and her dad arrived on the island with no concept of how long they would be there, or what the world would look like when they eventually left the one mile stretch of sand. In the end they spent nine months isolated on the island with a handful of local Fijians, working together to ensure there was enough food and supplies to make it through.


Join the Search as this motley crew wanders the streets of San Francisco, instruments in one hand and surfboards in the other, chasing sneaky barrels in the cold Pacific waters of Northern California.

In just over 10 minutes of viewing, you’ll be transported to windy beachies and cliffside wedges, to Janis Joplin’s dreaming tree and Jimi Hendrix’s red house. Watch and enjoy as Tom, Conner and Mason busk their way through just about every corner of the foggy city.


 In early 2020 when the world was locking down in the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic Rip Curl got word from Tom Curren @curfuffle that he was heading to Mexico with old friend Buggs Arico to surf and avoid the carnage which was unfolding across the USA. Disease, riots, protest – a hot bed of change, emotion and confusion. As usual, Tom took to the ocean as a way of making sense of it.

We weren’t quite sure where it would lead. Soon after they let us know that photographer @andypotts would be heading down there too and that he would shoot whatever happens over a 6 week period – although it could have been longer – as no one was really counting as the waves blurred into the days and the days blurred into the waves.


 Postcards from Morgs is a pretty straightforward Aussie road trip I reckon. It's Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright, Owen Wright, Matty McGillivray, Molly Picklum, and Mikey McDonagh surfing a bunch of East Coast points and beachies over a 10-day window. We spruiked up the action with a bit of acting like we're in Home & Away which I'm pumped on and hopefully we get to make people laugh while all this other crappy shit is going on. It's not autobiographical but it does kinda sum up the past few months of my life in a very exaggerated way. No tour, no travel, what else can we do but make up our own Search trips? Anyway, it was a lot of fun, not the best surf we got on the East Coast this winter but a lot of really good waves none-the-less.

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