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Oct 26, 2018

The Rip Curl Hell Team 2018 - France Hossegor

The traditional Rip curl Hell Team strikes again. 
This year our elite junior surfers, Samuel Pupo, Mikey Mc Donagh and Kyllian Guerin met on the French beaches of Hossegor during the CT event. 
They surfed with the best surfers in the world, scored the best waves on a secret locations and most of all they had a helluva a trip!

The Rip Curl Hell Team is a tradition that’s been in place within our company since 2012, and it’s a huge part of the future development of our elite team. Each year we select our best international junior talent, gather them together and take them to an epic location to chase waves

The aim of each trip is simple – get sick waves and provide a great experience for the up-and-coming youth of our sport. We want to fast track the development of the next generation of our sport, of our elite junior surfers, and the #HellTeam is the ideal opportunity to do so…

This year the crew travelled to Hossegor, France, just before the Meo Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. We chose this location because it not only offers up some of the best waves in Europe, but also a wide variety of options that are consistent during the season…

We intentionally timed the trip around the CT event, giving the groms exposure to some of the best surfers in the world, allowing them a first-hand look at what they need to do to reach the top.

Participants in the 2018 Hell Team French trip were Mikey McDonagh (Lennox Head, NSW, AUS), Samuel Pupo (Maresias, BRASIL), Kyllian Guérin (Hossegor, FR).It was a great opportunity for the boys to discover some magic Lande’s beachbreaks and live the Wavegarden experience in the middle of the Basque Country.

This is what Rip Curl’s Hell Team is all about – surfing new locations, pushing the levels of the next generation, and gaining experience around the world’s best.