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Feb 13, 2019

The Numbers Behind Mick Fanning’s Stab In The Dark

11 shapers, one typhoon and one week in Japan. These are the numbers behind each board from Mick Fanning’s Stab In The Dark. Recorded with Mick's #SearchGPS 2.

11 shapers and 11 boards, made up of a combination of stringer less EPS blanks, carbon fibre and epoxy resin. One typhoon, and three World Titles. This is Mick Fanning's Stab In The Dark.

Between the wild and woolly conditions of Japan’s raw coastline and Mick’s classic power carves, each board was well and truly put to the test. In his own words, Mick surfed more on the SITD trip than he’d surfed in a month.

Lucky for him, he’s got the stats to prove it. Throughout the entire trip Mick wore his SearchGPS 2 watch and recorded each surf, tracking each wave, recording his speeds, distance and time in the water.

These are the numbers behind each board from Mick’s Stab In The Dark. And numbers don’t lie... do they?

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