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Oct 12, 2018

Mick Fanning is Coming to Portugal!

The 3x World Champion is headed to the Rip Curl Pro Portugal to enjoy the best of what Peniche has to offer… here’s what he’s going to pack for a trip Portugal.

x World Champion Mick Fanning has decided to join the World Tour crew in Portugal… not to compete, but to sit back, relax and take in all the goodness that the Rip Curl Pro Portugal has to offer. Peniche is a small town, but between the waves and the steak, there’s a lot to love.

Once he’s in Portugal Mick will be helping us celebrate the 10th Edition of the Rip Curl Pro Portugal… between cheering on the team at the event, chasing waves on lay days with Owen, Nikki, Wilko, Conner and Gabriel, hosting 10th Edition parties and getting in on team signings. It’ll be a helluva time, and we hope you tune in to @ripcurlasia to stay up to date on his movements.

Until then, take his advice for that trip to Portugal you’ve been planning… here are his must-haves for a surf trip to the land of sardines, waves and vin rouge.

1. A great waterproof jacket
This time of year in Portugal can see all sorts of wild weather… from storms to wild winds, you need a good waterproof jacket to be prepared to face the elements

2. A steamerIt’s cold in Portugal, but there can be a lot of currents swirling around… some days might be warmer than others.
F-light Surf Backpack

3. A backpack you could live out of
There’s nothing better in Portugal than packing the car, hitting the road and finding an empty, offshore peak. Mick always has an F-Light backpack with him on these journeys – a change of clothes, a place to put his wet wetsuit, maybe even with enough space for a beverage or two! That’s how you do #TheSearch right…

4. A surf watch
Like we said, there are plenty of empty peaks with no one around… and you’ve got to prove you got the wave of your life somehow! The all new SearchGPS 2 will track your surf, remind you exactly where you surfed, and help you show off your awesome trip to your mates back home.spin out short sleeve shirt

5. A going-out ensemble
As you might be aware, the vibrant city of Lisboa is just a short 1-1.5 hour drive from Peniche. And it would be rude not to visit… Mick is always prepared, and you should be too.mick-fanning-surf

Stay tuned for dispatched from Portugal! And enjoy the 10th Edition of the #RipCurlPro Portugal..