Louie Hynd Trades the Gold Coast for Something More Secluded.

There’s nothing more rewarding than having the lineup to yourself.

Louie Hynd and best-mate Darcy Ward set off on another surf trip, this time around Australia. On The Search for uncrowded lineups and pumping swell, this sparked the creation of their final episode of Imagination Roulette - ‘Presence of Absence’.

We caught up with the pair to discuss their recent travels, how it feels to be on The Search, and how finding an untouched, pumping lineup can create special experiences.

Louie & Darcy, congratulations on another epic episode of Imagination Roulette! Where has The Search taken you this time?

"Thanks, guys! The Search took us around our backyard of Australia from the desert to Tasmania, then back up the East Coast on a wild road-trip expedition."

You’ve visited some outstanding place’s whilst filming this series, what was it about this location for episode four?

"One of the best parts about Australia is you can pretty much follow the coastline the entire way around and find world class waves in every nook and cranny. Being such a large expanse of land, by simply driving a few hours you'll find yourself in a completely refreshing environment. For this episode we really wanted to showcase the diversity of environmental landscapes, waves and colours that you can experience surfing and searching through Australia. There were a few specific waves that I was dying to experience and it was our goal for the film to score them when they were doing their thing!"

There is nothing more rewarding than having the line-up to yourself. How did it feel finding so many untouched waves?

"The epitome of The Search is scoring a pumping empty lineup. I prefer to share the experience with a friend to bounce the excitement with but completely solo is also a special experience I cherish.

I think the whole Covid ordeal worked in our favour because we had the freedom of not being tied down to jobs and the f*ck it attitude when there was a lot of uncertainty with how the world was changing and the possibility we might get locked out of our own state. A number of the sessions in this film are some of my most memorable days surfing in my life including one session that was just me and 3 of my best mates trading perfect tubes. The joy of those sessions stay with you long after you've left the water. Just so helps that Darcy shot the whole thing with cinematic beauty so even if my memory fades I can relive it in high definition haha."

"Darcy and I are best mates and have been shooting, travelling and making films together since we were 14-15. We share the same passion for surfing, travelling, creating and sharing films so it's been the ultimate dream come true to travel the globe in search of waves and to document the adventures. Wouldn't change it for a thing."

What does The Search mean to you? Do you have more trips planned?

"The Search to me is creating memories through adventure. It's about taking a risk in the hope of experiencing something unique and knowing no matter the outcome, it'll always end up a classic story. We're always on the hunt for waves. Our trip planning is usually us leaving either that day or the next morning when we see a decent swell chart."

Finally, what was your favourite wave of the episode and why?

"Probably the slab of straight air about halfway through. It's always a special feeling nailing something like that because so much needs to come together."