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Dec 11, 2018

Introducing Mason Ho’s Secret Weapon

Watch Mason Ho and Sheldon Paishon battle it out, wave for wave, in the least fun surf you’ve ever seen... with the SearchGPS 2 keeping 'em entertained the whole session.

How often have you checked the surf... stared at it... driven away... driven somewhere else... driven back... stared at it some more... and then left, without putting even a toe in the ocean.

How often? Probably more often then you’d like to admit.

Not Mason Ho, though, and definitely not his best mate Sheldon Paishon. Mason, often dubbed the most entertaining surfer in the world, and Sheldon have never turned away a session – whether it’s 10-foot Pipe or 1-foot Rockpiles, they just don’t say no.

You might have always thought it’s because of their love for the sport of surfing. Or Mason’s ability to make just about any conditions look like a good time. But today, we reveal their secret weapon.

When the surf has gone flat and the wind has picked up, there’s one thing that keeps them motivated – the burning desire to one-up each other.

That’s where the SearchGPS 2 comes into play. They count their waves, clock their speeds and track their rides, all in the name of good old-fashioned competition. And it keeps them going back, again and again, no matter the conditions.

So, next time you and a mate are staring at the ocean thinking... should we? Is it worth it? Strap on your new SearchGPS 2 and prepare for battle. Then log your session on the app, for all your friends to see.

The SearchGPS 2 has a lot of great functions... but the best part is, it just makes you want to go surfing. #GOSURF