Crosby Colapinto Spent Some Time Getting Absolutely Pitted In Mexico. When We Still Could.

In 2017 we caught up with the cheeky, vivacious rising star out of San Clemente, California… 15-year-old Crosby Colapinto. Back then his approach to surfing was "just send it!"

Safe to say, not much has changed there. The now 18-years-old, self-titled “Crozz”, is quickly ascending the ranks of the WQS. His undeniable power game and friendly rivalry with World Tour Surfer, and brother, Griffin Colapinto, are turning heads on the daily. And we haven’t even begun to discuss his affinity with big waves… then again, watching this edit says it all.

Last month Crozz managed to make a quick escape down the Pacific coastline, a not-so-rare occurrence for the Lowers locals. Nonetheless, perfectly timed with a hefty south swell meant Crosby scored barrels for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mexico’s repute as a home for world class beach break barrels did not let him down.

We caught up with Crozz briefly about how his Mexican rendezvous felt…

“If I were to send a postcard home to my parents from the trip I’d say, Hey mom and dad I’m having best trip of my life! I might stay a few more months – see you then! Hahaha”

On ya Crozz.

Here’s hoping the next 12 months will bring plenty more opportunities to send postcards to Mum and Dad from remote corners and big wave meccas of the globe.

“It felt insanely good to get out of town for a week and get some big barrels. I definitely felt a little rusty in the heavy surf for the first session, but after a couple I felt pretty comfortable again.”

So, Crozz, if there was one thing you’d write on a postcard back to Mum and Dad, what it would be?