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Conner Coffin in “Indulgence”

A highlight reel from the past 12 months of surfing, featuring some of the deepest Fijian pits you’ve seen in a while...

Conner Coffin has had a big 12 months, both rising in the ranks of the WSL World Tour and chasing swells around the globe. In all of Conner’s surfing, whether it’s in a jersey or without, one thing is very apparent – the guy just loves surfing. He spends every waking moment thinking about surfing, about drawing out those signature carves on long watery walls, and pulling into pits in faraway lands.

This edit, Indulgence, is a reflection of that. It is a culmination of those moments of pure bliss, sheer Indulgence, that Conner has been lucky enough to find throughout the last 12 months.

“Ryan and I had a blast working on Indulgence over the last year,” says Conner. “Essentially it’s just a compilation of footage we have gathered in between events at some of my favourite waves to surf around the world.

“I was super fired up that Social D (the artist you hear on this clip) helped us use his song Indulgence, as they’ve been one of my favourite bands to listen to for pre-surfs since I was a kid. Seemed a fitting title for indulging in some amazing waves around the world.”

From the Gold Coast to Fiji, Hawaii and beyond, press play and enjoy. Treat yourself to a few minutes of indulgence in the sport of surfing.