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Dec 14, 2018

A Very Personal Glimpse Into the Psyche of Gabriel Medina

Join Gabriel Medina behind the scenes at the Pipe house on Oahu’s North Shore, as narrated by his step-dad Charlie Medina.

It’s not often we get any real insight into Gabriel Medina’s life… rarely behind the scenes, and even less frequently from someone who knows him. The person narrating this episode from Behind the Scenes at the Pipe House is someone who knows him quite well… his step-dad, Charlie.

Listen in, and watch, as Charlie Medina talks us through what it was like when Gabriel won his first World Title – and gives insight into what it could be like, for the second.This is a raw, real glimpse into the life and mind of Brazil’s first World Champion.

Stay tuned, with more insight into Gabriel Medina’s fight for his second World Title. It’s all about to go down.