Win 1 Of 3 Year’s Supply Of Bikinis With Rip Curl Women

Do you spend every spare second by the beach, decked out in your favourite bikini, one-piece or surf suit? Do you have room in the wardrobe for a few more? If you answered yes... read on.

Win 1 Of 3 Year’s Supply
Of Bikinis With
Rip Curl Women

And the winners are...
Marie L – France
Amy W - United States
Olivia T - Australia

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Taking a leaf out of our @ripcurl_women's teams’ books, 2020 is the year for rocking it in #MyBikini. Charging in heavy lineups, leaning into the hard shit, pushing the boundaries and doing the unexpected. All of this and more in your favourite bikini.

Are you ready to turn heads both in and out of the water in #MyBikini? Now's your chance. Enter to WIN 1 of 3 years supplies of bikinis. To enter, tap a few little details into the form.

Entry is open from 17th - 31st Jan 2020 (AEST)... good luck.

In the meantime, tune into @ripcurl_women or @ripcurl_aus over the next ten days as our next generation of Rip Curl women charge Hawaii's Seven Mile Miracle - the North Shore of Ohau.

Rip Curl Women Take On Hawaii
showcases the real and raw minute-by-minute happenings of the powerful, tough and fearless Rip Curl Women. Hero-ing Molly Picklum, Brisa Hennessy, Leilani McGonagle, Leah Thompson, Melania Suarez, Alyssa Spencer and Eweleiula. Plus, with special guests Bethany Hamilton, Rosy Hodge and Mason Ho dropping by, it's going to be one helluva week.

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Designed using bold spliced colour blocks, premium ribbed fabrics and feminine florals, Sun Setters is all about confidence – letting each unique personality shine through in this mix-and-match collection.