The Ultimate Guide to Boardshorts

The ultimate men’s boardshort guide for surfers and beach lovers.

It isn’t easy to find the perfect boardshort. Between fit, function and fashion, the options are endless. That’s why we’ve broken down the best men’s boardshorts into the ultimate boardshorts guide. We’ve also asked our head designed a few key questions, like… do boardshorts shrink?

So without further ado, men, here is your ultimate guide to boardshorts. Whether you’re a surfer, a beach lover or a pool dweller, there’s something for everyone.

Mirage Boardshorts – Made For Waves

Constructed from the most advanced hydrophobic stretch fabrics, Mirage Boardshorts are Made for Waves. Here are just some of the features that make Mirage Boardshorts the best boardshorts for surfing:

– Mirage Pro Fabric = high performance stretch– Superior comfort = more time in the water
– Hydrophobic Material = dry faster, stay lighter

If you’re a surfer and you’re looking for a performance boardshort that offers all day comfort in the water, Mirage Boardshorts are for you.

Boardwalks – The Surfer’s Walkshort, In Water, On Land

Rip Curl’s Boardwalks Series takes adaptability to the next level. We have combined our walkshort and boardshort technology to create the ultimate all-purpose stretch walkshort.

How’d we do it?

– Mirage Core Fabric = premium stretch– Ultimate Fit & Comfort = more time in the water
– Hydrophobic Material = dry faster, stay lighter– Lightweight Construction = less is more, in water or on land
– Made for Water and Land = take them from the beach to the street

Boardwalks are the perfect choice for a long, hot summer day. Take them from the beach to the street without skipping a beat.

Laydays – Side Pocket Boardshorts

A boardshort designed and developed for a lifestyle beyond the lineup, our Lay Days Side Pocket Boardshorts bring together style and functionality.

Here are the key points of difference for Layday boardshorts:

– Side Pockets = functional for wax, wallets and keys
– Ultimate Comfort = more time in the water or on the beach
– Hydrophobic Fabric = quick dry for all-day comfort

Whether you’re in the water or on the sand, Laydays are the perfect crossover boardshort for every and any day at the beach.


We understand that choosing the right boardshort can be tricky – and once you find that perfect boardshort for summer, you want to do everything you can to extend its life and wear it for seasons to come. Here at Rip Curl we get a lot of questions around boardshort care, so we asked our Head Boardshort Designer to answer a few of them here…

Do boardshorts shrink?

If you put your boardshorts in the drier, they are at risk of shrinking. Ensure you dry your boardshorts by hanging them in the open air, rather than putting them in the drier.

What’s the best way to wash my boardshorts?

The only way to wash boardshorts is in a cold tumble wash. You can machine wash or hand wash. We also recommend turning your boardshorts inside out once you’ve washed them, and then hanging them out to dry in open air.