The Rip Curl Women’s Team Presents: Summer Looks Good On You.

Over 50 Rip Curl Women from around the world want you to know, that no matter which beach you are from, summer is for everyone.

With overseas travel for majority of 2020 out of the question, creating a brand masterpiece seemed was a near impossible task. However, when you’ve got a team of over 50 dedicated, enthusiastic and summer loving women from all over the world, the impossible suddenly becomes possible.

The vision for this video, and the wider ‘Summer Looks Good On You’ campaign, is to connect with women around the world who find joy in surfing, summer, the ocean, being outside and among nature, around the globe. It hopes to inspire you to escape your reality and see the happiness that summer and surfing can bring, by being exactly you.

From Costa Rica to Canada, Western Australia to the Canary Islands, Fiji to Hawaii and every beach in-between, we called on Rip Curl Women from every corner of the globe with a very important task at hand. Each girl was asked to film themselves talking about the sensory experience of summer… How it smells, tastes, sounds and looks and most importantly, how summer makes them feel.

Why? Because summer is for everyone. No matter who you are or what beach you are from.

"Summer is a very emotive word and triggers a feeling or memory that almost everyone in the world can relate to."

It is something that we look forward to every year. The tag line itself was designed to have a hint of wit and not to be taken too seriously. It's about the things that make summer so special – the long days, that first dive into warm water in a bikini, searching for fun waves and hanging with friends" says Ash Reader, Women’s Art Director.

So, whether summer is surfing in bikinis or a spring suit, going for a quick dip or catching a party wave with your best friends. Long days covered in salt water and sand or dancing by the ocean from sun-up to sun-down. Summer is for everyone, and Summer Looks Good On You.