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Sep 20, 2018

Introducing the All New SearchGPS 2

The next evolution in surf watch technology has arrived. The SearchGPS 2 can track every tide, swell, wind and wave, features a smaller and sleeker design and comes with all-new functions.

Almost four years ago to-date, the first Rip Curl SearchGPS watch was sold. It was a breakthrough in surf watch technology – you could suddenly track your surfs, and log them on an app to share with your friends.But from the first day the SearchGPS went on sale, the watch team at Rip Curl began working to create the second iteration of the GPS.

“When the first SearchGPS hit stores it was a hugely successful product for us...” - Shane Helm, Rip Curl’s Watches Product Chairman.

“But customers immediately started giving us feedback, and it became clear that there were four key areas for improvement. That’s when we began the creation of the SearchGPS 2."“

After four years of trial and error, countless hours of work and product testing all over the world, the result is something that Rip Curl is very proud of.”

The all new Search GPS 2 is 25% smaller than the original SearchGPS, it is loaded with new features like live wind and swell data from our partners at Surfline, and it allows its user to not only track their surfs, but also other sports.“

When a surfer purchases the SearchGPS 2,” Shane Helm continued, “they are not only buying the highest quality surf watch on the market, but they are joining the world’s largest surfing club.”“

We currently have 44,178 users and it’s growing exponentially. We’ve had nearly 1.4 million surfs, 15 million waves have been ridden using the GPS watch, we have paddled to the moon and back 12.43 times, paddled around the planet 150 times, and surfed around the planet 36 times.”“

The SearchGPS 2 is an evolution of the incredible journey Rip Curl began with the SearchGPS 1, and we are excited to continue into the future.”

With the all new SearchGPS 2 you can track every wave, track every wind, track every tide and track every swell. Now… GO SURF!