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Oct 19, 2018

Gabriel Medina Inches Closer to his Second World Title

In just one day, Gabriel Medina will potentially clinch his second World Title. Go behind the scenes of all the action, through the eyes of Mick Fanning.

The World Title scenarios coming in to Portugal were the following:

3 World Title Contenders: Gabriel Medina, Filipe Toledo & Julian Wilson… Only Gabriel can clinch the World Title in Portugal. He must win the Event. To stop Gabriel from clinching in Portugal, Filipe needs a 9th or better and Julian a 3rd or better in Peniche to take the WT decision to Hawaii. If Gabriel finishes 2nd in Portugal, WT decision goes to Hawaii.

The first hurdle for Gabriel’s World Title campaign was out of his hands and in Felipe Toledo’s. If Felipe made it past Round Three, the Title went straight to Hawaii.

It was a long shot, and the idea of Gabriel clinching his second World Title in Portugal seemed far away. Until now. Today, Felipe Toledo lost his Round Three heat against Joan Duru, opening the door for Gabriel to win.The only two things that stand in his way are Julian Wilson, who can stop him by making the semi-finals, and himself; he has to win the event. No easy feat, but if anyone can do it, Gabriel can.Step into the conversations on the ground, behind the scenes with 3x World Champion Mick Fanning.

There are only three rounds left… and not only does an event win hang in the balance, but the 2018 World Title.Stay tuned to the 2018 Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal