Everything You Need To Know About The Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Go behind the scenes at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. This is your one-stop-shop for everything from wildcards to World Title races.

The town of Peniche is unassuming. Home to one of Portugal’s largest fishing industries, it’s a bustling, working-class economy. At first glance you’d never assume it held any secrets – but if you look just a little bit closer, you’ll see that it plays host to one of the world’s best barrels. Supertubos.

Supertubos is a pumping sandbar that offers both left and right barrels running at the speed of a freight train, perfectly hollow yet never forgiving.

In 2009, Rip Curl’s Search event series took the world’s best surfers to the tiny town of Peniche, and from the second we laid eyes on the green beauty that is Supertubos, we were hooked. We haven’t missed a year since.

In 2019, we are pleased to announce that the world’s best female surfers are once again returning to compete at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Italo Ferreira came into this year’s MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal as the defending event winner with a target on his back, but once again rose up through the rounds to culminate on Finals Day with a performance for the ages claiming back-to-back wins in Peniche. With a huge air that became the only 10-point ride of the event, he not only took the win but also the Yellow Jersey. Italo will be heading into the final event of the year at Pipeline as World Number 1 to battle it out for his maiden World Title.

During the event waiting period you will see the best men and women in the world compete in barrels ranged from 2 – 12 feet, pounding into the Portuguese sand bank, giving us a show to remember.

The World Title race also heats up in Portugal. As the second-to-last stop on the World Tour each year, Supertubos plays host to heart-stopping heats that make or break World Title dreams. This year, the heat is on and the race is firing.

To help you digest everything that goes down at the Rip Curl Pro we’ve decided to make this a one-stop-shop. From wildcard announcement to World Title races, this is the home of all the action at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Raw, real and as behind the scenes as it gets.

Check back daily for updates, and be sure to tune in to the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal via the World Surf League from October 16 – 29, 2019.

Potential Finals Day Called ON at the 2019 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal

Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals have been called ON in two-to-four-foot Supertubos.

It could be the moment we’ve all been waiting for here in Peniche, with a potentials Finals Day called ON in two-to-four-foot Supertubos at the 2019 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

After a holding pattern of lacklustre swell, Supertubos is finally showing its face again and size is expected to build throughout the day. Barrels will be on offer for the world’s best surfers to put on a show.

Men’s Quarterfinals is first in the water today, followed directly by Women’s Quarterfinals. Pending conditions, we could see the event continue and roll through to Semifinals, with a potential Final finish.

The Women’s 2019 WSL World Title is on the line today, with all four contenders set to battle it out in the Quarterfinals. Carissa Moore is the only surfer who can clinch the Title here in Portugal, and it could all go down in the next few hours.

The scenarios are as follows:
– If Carissa Moore wins the MEO/Rip Curl Pro, Lakey Peterson needs a 2nd to force a “Surf Off” in Maui;
– If Carissa gets 2nd, Lake Peterson needs a 3rd, Caroline Marks a 1st to take the World Title decision to Maui;– If Carissa gets a 3rd, Lake needs a 5th, Caroline a 2nd (force a Surf Off), Sally Fitzgibbons a 1st to take WT decision to Maui;

On the Men’s side of the draw, a World Title is not possible here in Portugal – but we are down to the wire in points, and every heat will count. Watch the Men’s and Women’s Quarterfinals, and stay tuned to see a potential Finals Day finish and World Title showdown.

Rising Tides Comes to the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal

The ladies return in 2019 and with it, the younger generation is inspired.

In 2019 the World Surf League has brought in a new initiative called Rising Tides, an event they hold at each Championship Tour stop where the women of the world tour spend a few hours surfing with and inspiring the younger generation of local female surfers.

Here in Portugal Rip Curl partnered with the WSL to help Rising Tides come to life –as 2019 is the first year the ladies have returned to surf Supertubos since 2010, it was only fitting.

About 30 young local girls came down to the event site at Supertubos to surf with their favourite pros and learn from the best. It was a great afternoon of surfing, and it was fantasticto see the women of the World Tour rise up to the occasion and inspire the younger generation.