22 Years of Rip Curl Planet Day.

Each year, Rip Curl crew from headquarters around the globe allocate one day to work with local environmental groups to help benefit the area where our we live, work and surf.

Beginning at Torquay, Australia in the year 2000, Rip Curl employees have joined passionate local environmental groups and provided our human resources to compliment the year-round work done by these volunteers, on the coast around our workplaces.

We called it Rip Curl Planet Day and we’ve continued to expand the day around the Rip Curl world, allowing more crew to celebrate our commitment to the company value of ‘Community and Environment’.

Brooke Farris – Rip Curl CEO.

Over 20 years of Planet Day shows how connected it is to our company and brand values. Our company value of community and environment is all about acting locally and thinking globally about how we can contribute to the community we live in, and the environment we live in

Activities include planting trees, eradicating weeds, protecting vulnerable areas, removing rubbish that threatens local ecosystems, and implementing water saving strategies. Our main focus is to increase the likelihood of the ongoing sustainability of plants and public beaches and parkland ecosystems in locations along the coast.

Other Rip Curl regions involved with Planet Day include head offices in Brazil, France, Indonesia and the USA.

Rip Curl Planet. We surf, we care.

Michael Daly - Group CEO KMD Holdings ltd.

We are proud that every Rip Curl staff member allocates a working day to help the volunteer community groups improve our local environment. The Rip Curl Planet Day has become a popular tradition for our crew and it’s awesome to see the results from previous years in our coastal areas.

Michael Daly - Group CEO KMD Holdings ltd.

WHAT: Annual day in early Spring when Rip Curl staff at Torquay headquarters allocate one working day to help local environmental groups to help better the Surf Coast area.

WHO: All Rip Curl full-time and part time permanent staff. Rip Curl work with and are guided by the expertise of local representatives from environmental management groups including; Surf Coast Shire, Parks Victoria, Great Ocean Road Authority (GORA), Torquay Coast Action, Jan Juc Coastal Action, Surf Coast Energy Group (SCEG).

WHERE: Surf Coast Shire, Victoria, Australia. Typically the focus is on improvement projects along the 15km coastal fringe from Point Impossible to Southside beach. Rip Curl run similar initiatives in other regions around the world where we have major offices, including San Clemente California, Hossegor France, Kuta Bali and Sao Paulo Brazil.

NUMBERS: Rip Curl averages 170 staff numbers participating in Planet Day each year. Over the 22-year duration of Planet Day in Australia, this equates to 3,740 days committed to the program. Allocating 5 working hours to each of those days, contributes 18,700 hours committed to the local community.

The program has seen over 100,000 plants, indigenous to the Surf Coast, reintroduced across the region. Supported by the hard work and year-round maintenance of local environmental groups, Rip Curl resources has contributed to a reported 80% long term plant survival rate.

Scott Hives – Great Ocean Road Coast & Parks Authority

Weed management is one of things that if you don’t stay on top of it, it’ll get away from you and that’s where groups like Rip Curl come in handy with Planet Day which actually makes jobs like this possible. And that’s just the start of what’s been achieved with the Rip Curl Planet Day

Graeme Stockton – Surf Coast Energy Group

“It expedites the whole process of revegetation when we’ve got a keen group of people with us. It means the local community has been able to greatly expand the work we can achieve in any given year.”

Gabrielle O’Shea – Surf Coast Shire

Gabrielle O’Shea – Surf Coast Shire“Planet Day makes a real difference to try and improve the quality of these areas, so they’re not deteriorating over time with urban pressures and increased development around the coast.”

Shasta O’Loughlin – ESG Manager.